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Gotham City. It was once referred to as "a refuge! A stronghold! A fortress!" by judge Solomone Zebediah Wayne as he described his vision of the future of the city to architect Cyrus Pinkney.

Pinkney than designed the characteristic skyscraper skyline of Gotham City with its impressive Art Deco sandstone facades, its lurking gargoyle roof decors and its overall monolithic heights and made Waynes vision come true (although the judge never saw one of the completed buildings due to his death in 1903).

The than stagnant city became alive again and grew into a bustling metropolis of international standing. Today it is one of the most important trading centers of the USA. Almost every major enterprise has at least an office in the city and it is seat of Wayne Enterprises and the Luthor Corp.

But to the bustling, busy center of human life and business has a dark site that lurks in the shadows of the towering buildings. Whole societies are hiding in the streets, parks and subway tunnels of the city. Strange creatures are crawling through the dusty halls of abandoned buildings and derelict tunnels of long demolished and forgotten buildings. Mages fighting the dark powers of the Abyss, vampires fighting over the influence over human institutions, werewolves defending the world from evil spirits and other creatures and humans trying to hold up the status quo in Gotham City… and this are their stories… Stories of the City of Gotham by Night…

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